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The state of the Philippine environment has deteriorated from a gloomy Silent Spring into the next stage, an apocalyptic one. All around us we are witnessing the birth of death, the refusal of life forms to flourish and to thrive, the black curtains that hang over former enclaves of bio-diversity.

Only after the last tree has been felled, the last river poisoned, and the last fish caught, will man know that he cannot eat money.

We have to reverse the onslaught to life, to usher in an environmental springtime, the surge of new life forms, the explosion of forested mountains, clean air, clear rivers and bountiful seas.

Let it be said that during our watch, while gifted with intelligence and insight, with privilege and position, with the wealth of wisdom, and with the freedom and power of the human will.

Let it be said that in our time, and during our watch, we did our share. And maybe, just maybe, we will make a little difference.

- Excerpts from CPR for Mother Earth Privilege Speech delivered by Sen. Loren Legarda last October 2007.

Mission & Vision

Luntiang Pilipinas envisions itself in the next ten years to be a catalyst in protecting and preserving the environment through the following: establishment of forest parks nationwide; creation of the North and South Luzon Expressways greenbelt; establishment of seedling banks in strategic locations; mobilization of a corps of Green Crusaders among the youth; the formalization of partnerships with various stakeholders in the field of environmental protection; and, the conduct of environmental education, information and communication (EIC) campaign on environmental protection.


Founded almost a decade ago, Luntiang Pilipinas has drawn partnerships with various government agencies, private business partners, schools and universities, and non-government organizations in its aim to establish forest parks in their respective localities and establishments. It has since planted more than 2 million trees in 33 provinces and 28 cities.

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